Global Minds United offers comprehensive consulting and training services for schools.

Learn from Me…Where to Begin


Global Minds United works with your state and district offices to align with diversity and inclusion goals and objectives.

Global Minds United assesses your school’s needs and creates a customized plan for consulting to create a Global Diversity & Inclusion (GD & I) program unique to your school and your stakeholders.

Consulting includes development of a school wide GD & I committee, guidance on crafting a mission statement for GD & I within your school, support structuring staff, parent, and student organizations to align with your school’s GD & I mission, and creating communication systems to inform the school’s stakeholders.


Global Minds United provides pre-module workshops before each training session where stakeholders start the process of developing self awareness, reflecting on educational resources (and testing if applicable), and contemplating strategies to create culturally competent teachers and students.

Learn from me… Training

Global Minds United provides six training modules through in person or online training based on a developmental model to include:

  • Implicit bias, diversity and global education
  • Building our identities
  • Human rights & UN Sustainable development goals
  • Dialoguing Differences
  • Conflict resolution, mediation & peace building
  • Change management

Our training is tailored to different stakeholders which includes teachers, students, and parents.

Learn from me… Implementation

Global Minds United offers greater depth in learning by providing our EDGE© curriculum, created in partnership with teachers, student-driven project-based assignments, cross-cultural experiences, and experiential learning.

Learn from me…
Touch Points

Global Minds United offers follow up touch points in-between the six training modules to address clarity and implementation around training topics.

This unique level of consulting allows GMU to pivot and assist schools and stakeholders with new challenges, questions, and a deeper dive into global education topics.

Learn from me…

Global Minds United empowers students to apply what they have learned through the EDGE curriculum into innovative action plans. Students determine the focus of these action plans based on their countries’ needs in relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The student action plans are implemented at local levels.