Our Mission is to provide a multifaceted educational platform to schools, promoting diversity and inclusion to develop competent, compassionate, and active global citizens.


Global Minds United wants to be the most globally accessible resource for schools to address diversity and inclusion derived from a psychological perspective. The lens through which we view the world and our approach to diversity and inclusion is unique.

We will address the root cause of actions based on implicit bias and bridge an understanding between what we feel, subsequently think, and how we act in response. We will provide our expertise and explore how to cultivate permanent change in an individual through an open, constructive, and fact-based dialogue.

Core Values

Global Minds United is focused on cultivating an inclusive culture that revolves around trust, respect, partnership, safety, pride, and curiosity. This can be achieved by enabling respectful global discussions and encouraging actions to unfold on the world stage. We believe in the importance of global diversity and developing skills to become competent global citizen, which is an ongoing life-long process.