ThinkAct Summer Summit

Summer Summit 2022:
Curious Minds.
Connected Community.

Thursday, August 4, 2022
3:00-9:00 pm

MSC Industrial Supply Co.
525 Harbour Place Dr.
Davidson, NC 28036

Cost: Students are matched with a sponsor (see below for sponsorship information & donations)

Contact: Kristen Enwright, Summer Summit Director

Summer Summit Includes:

  • Global education, diversity & inclusion
  • Building our identities
  • Guest speakers
  • Activities
  • Think. Act. program
  • Snacks & dinner


Cost: $120 donation per student

Summer Summit Sponsorship Includes

  • Training on global education, diversity & inclusion
  • Building our identities
  • Guest speakers
  • Activities
  • Think.Act. Program
  • Snacks & dinner

For more information about sponsorship and the Summer Summit, please contact Ridgely Chapman

We Are All Connected

Global Minds United is bringing students together to participate in a Summer Summit.

Learn from Me… Active Listening

  • Sharing who we are creates narratives about ourselves and that helps create our identities
  • Developing who we are and who people think we are
  • Learning how to interact with others impacts how they develop their own identities
  • Expressing who we are and actively listening to learn who they are
  • Storytelling includes benefits for the speaker and the listener
  • Practicing vulnerability

Learn from Me… Global Mindset

  • Becoming compassionate, active global citizens
  • Defining terms like D & I, DE & I, and GD & I

Learn from me… ThinkAct

  • Learning tools to be a change agent in your home and community
  • Teaching the concept of Feel. Think. Act

Feel – What are your passions?

Think – What do I know about this topic?

Act – Will I join a group/organization or will l be a leader? Utilizing support from GMU

Learn from me… Inclusion & Belonging

  • Teaching inclusion so students individually are taught how to be inclusive of others
  • Listening to different points of view and experiences of others
  • Creating an inclusive culture in your school
  • Cultivating a sense of belonging when your school is inclusive
  • Inclusive cultures in school foster a sense of belonging (regardless of gender, race, religion, politics, soci-economic status, etc…)
  • Empowering students to be inclusive as individuals who are accepting of other people regardless of who they are

Learn from me… Identity

  • Defining identity domains
  • Explaining identity development
  • Investigating generational patterns
  • Connecting to Global Education, Diversity & Inclusion (GD&I)