Training & Professional Development

Learn from me… IMPLICIT BIAS

Successful training in diversity and inclusion begins with investigating and discussing implicit bias. Global Minds United begins our training process with this pre-module.


Global Minds United teaches professionals how to dialogue about differences with respect and understanding through our in-person and online training programs.


Facilitating change in a professional environment requires thoughtful guidance and planning.  Global Minds United partners with your business to create sustainable change.

Comprehensive, quality training for executive leadership teams.

Global Minds United offers training that is critical for executive leadership to address the root causes of inequity in order to move individuals toward creating lasting external change.
Our goal is to equip leaders with information, experiences, and guidance to handle the discomfort of challenging and honest conversations. This guidance helps facilitate self-reflection for leaders. This provides leaders with personal stories of growth and change and not just a “check the box” approach to diversity and inclusion training.
Our focus is to impact change at the leadership level, which will give executives the thorough training to support their staff.
Our platform is personal, impactful, and empowering for executives as they continue to lead in a direction of inclusivity.
Leaders spend time doing a deep dive into the comprehensive and global aspects of:
-Implicit bias
-Dialoguing differences 
-Human rights and change management
-Conflict resolution 
-Mediation and peace building 
-Building a strong identity